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What do you use when you are looking for a product or company to meet your needs? You use a search engine. Search engines are the most used websites on the interweb that contain answers to questions, recommendations, and practically anything else in between. Consumers rarely open up a yellow book or check local ads on newspapers to find new businesses to use. There are 76,000 searches made in 1 second alone, why not make your company one of them? To get the maximum exposure for your company or brand’s needs, you must get your company a new marketing strategy to get you to pop up in the top 10 search results. Two strategies that are critical for this step is SEO and SEM.

The way search engines work is that once a search has been made, “crawlers” look for qualities such as quality content, user experience, and link patterns from the many websites related to the search subject and only pull a few to display as the top searches. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of maximizing the quantity and quality of traffic on your website to ultimately ensure that the website appears on the top list of searched results. SEO is an umbrella term that includes strategies such as SEM which stands for Search Engine Marketing. SEM incorporates types of paid search advertising such as targeted ad campaigns for more exposure and bring the traffic towards your website. Here at B Plan Creatives, we help draw online traffic to your company by helping design custom ads for online campaigns, attracting more traffic to the website, and getting your company into the top search engine results. We have a team of specialists that plan, develop, and implement our SEO and SEM strategies. These strategies include regularly perform thorough keyword research, identify key SEO key performance indicators, monitor redirects, click rates, bounce rate, prepare and present reports, identify buyer persona to better target audiences, and identify problems and deficiencies and implement solutions in a timely manner. Reach the top with the help of B Plan Creatives by your side.