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Casa Aguila

UX/UI Design / Branding / Website Development / SEO / CMS Development

OC Beauty Medspa

UX/UI Design / Branding / Website Development / Logo / SEO / CMS Development

Tom Reinecke Motorcycle Lawyer

UX/UI Design / Website Development / Google-Facebook Ads Management / SEO / CMS Development


-AdTonomous is an AI based software that automates google ads performance!. Project Required UI/UX, branding and software development. Languages used were Python, PHP Laravel and flatter.

DealersGear CRM

An Enterprise Automotive CRM built with PHP Laravel with Mobile APP built in Flatter. Project required UI/UX, Software development and branding.


Logo,Web development, UI/UX, Social Media Management,SEO


Web Development, Video Creative, SEO, SEM,Lead Generation, Social Media Marketing


DealersGear is an all in one automotive marketing dashboard. This project required UI/UX, Mobile app logo and software development.